China push voluntary on RoHS authentication implementation

Low carbon energy saving for the modern electronic product enterprises follow trend, and green environmental protection in the electronic field has clear the implementation of the system. The electronic information products pollution control to manage the way "(China) already in the RoHS March 1, 2007 formally implementing, May 18, 2010, the state certification and accreditation regulatory commission and the ministry of industry and information about promulgated jointly issued the national unification of carrying out the electronic information products pollution control voluntary" announcement authentication implementation opinions. International in the earliest domestic third party testing the RoHS project, the PONY spectrum test organization environmental experts tell us, the European Union in early 2003, the related laws enacted in the electrical and electronic equipment (about limiting the use of certain hazardous substances in instruction "(European Union RoHS) of electric products six kinds of harmful material tighter regulation, at present, the European parliament for revising the plan in this month of proposals to be voted the RoHS requirement. our products, the revised European Union RoHS may increase halogenations flame retardants and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and silver Nan particles with control of the limited.

World and organization of electric current has been established or the harmful material in gradually establish the perfect regulation system, and join in the material also list controls, increased, spectrum of Guangzhou laboratory test expert warns broad electronic production enterprise of early learning related regulations, control and based on his understanding of products begin from raw material purchase source, lest the controls enter the market due to environmental requirements losses are substandard.