China 2011 import and export of electronic information information

China's electronic information products import and export maintain growth momentum in 2011, import and export volume of $ 1.12923 trillion, up 11.5 percent, accounting for 31.0 percent of the country's total foreign trade dropped by 3.1 percentage points than last year. Among this, exports of $ 661.2 billion, an increase of 11.9 percent, accounting for 34.8 percent of the country's foreign trade exports, the country's export growth in the contribution rate of 21.9%. From the monthly trend of view, the previous year base gradually higher and higher impact overall was high to low trend, especially after September, export growth for less than 10%. Imports 468.03 billion U.S. dollars, up 11.0 percent, accounting for 26.8 percent of the country's foreign trade imports, the contribution to the growth of the country's foreign trade imports was 13.3%.

1. the basic industry exports relatively stable, the whole industry exports was different

2011 export growth of electronic components, electronic components industry is relatively stable, exports were 881.4 and $ 75.7 billion, an increase of 15.3 percent and 11.0 percent growth rate in more than 10%.
The import of electronic components and computer products still account for a dominant position.

2. the export situation of the developed economies in Europe and America in the doldrums, the rapid growth in exports to emerging markets

Since the second half of 2011, the developed countries of Europe and the United States in all aspects of adverse factors, slow economic growth, Europe and the United States of electronic information products export situation is relatively low. Exports to the U.S. and the UK 1259.2 and $ 12.12 billion, an increase of 9.5% and 0.7%, respectively, lower than the average 2.4 and 11.2 percentage points; downward trend of exports to countries such as Germany, France, Poland and Spain, the exports were 279.7 96.5,40.7 and $ 3.82 billion, down 1.6%, 5.5%, 4.9% and 16.0%. Faster growth in exports to Asia and emerging markets. Electronic information products on Hong Kong exports 159.75 billion U.S. dollars, up 15.5 percent; exports to Japan $ 45.56 billion, an increase of 16.2%; South Korea exported $ 29.54 billion, an increase of 10.5%; Taiwan's exports $ 16.37 billion, an increase of 10.8 %. In addition, the exports of the emerging markets of Brazil, Russia and other countries the rapid growth of exports were 101.5 and $ 7.9 billion, an increase of 17.0% and 23.4%.

See from the major sources of imports, domestic re-imports of $ 96.7 billion, an increase of 15.5%; imports from South Korea $ 82.14 billion, an increase of 10.9%; imported 76.33 billion U.S. dollars from China's Taiwan region, an increase of 7.1%. The fourth to tenth countries and regions are: Japan, Malaysia, the United States, Thailand, Germany, the Philippines and Singapore.

3. general trade export growth, the proportion of processing trade export decline

2011, China's electronic information products export trade patterns on-going structural optimization. The annual general trade exports 119.47 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 22.3 percent growth rate 10.4 percentage points higher than the industry average, industry accounted for the proportion (18.1%) increased by 1.6 percentage points over the same period last year. Feed processing trade exports were 500.6 and $ 449.21 billion, an increase of 12.4% and 11.7%, growth is lower than the industry average of 24.3% and 0.2%, exports of processing trade accounted for 75.5 percent than the same period last year 2.2 percentage points.

Import side, the feed processing trade imports 214.98 billion U.S. dollars, up 14.8 percent, accounting for 45.9%; processing trade imports $ 44.52 billion, down 17.1 percent, accounting for 9.5%; general trade of $ 111.47 billion, an increase of 17.0 percent, accounting for 23.8%.

4. foreign exports is relatively slow, the proportion of exports of domestic enterprises to enhance

2011 foreign-owned enterprise exports $ 429.04 billion, up 12.2 percent; joint ventures exported $ 102.22 billion, an increase of 5.4%, growth rate 6.5 percentage points below the average; foreign cooperative enterprises exported 6.16 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 7.5% growth rate 4.4 percentage points lower than the average. Funded enterprises exported 123.77 billion U.S. dollars, accounted for 18.7 percent, 0.8 percentage points over the same period last year. Which private enterprise exports was prominent, and exports $ 69.32 billion, an increase of 33.2 percent, higher than the average export growth rate of 21.3 percent.

The import side, foreign-owned enterprises imported $ 293.53 billion, an increase of 9.4%; joint ventures imported 74.14 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 8.6%; foreign cooperative enterprises imported 950 million U.S. dollars, down 22.7 percent; private, state-owned and collective enterprises were imported 569.4,382.0, and $ 4.23 billion, an increase of 34.7%, 5.5% and -17.6%.

5. Large difference between the eastern region export growth part of the central and western provinces grew faster

Five provinces and cities before the 2011 exports of electronic products in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang and Shandong, exports were 2727.6,1417.6,1005.7,248.0 and $ 21.18 billion, an increase of 13.5%, 3.2%, 9.7%, 10.7 % and -7.6%. Guangdong's export growth is relatively prominent, and the remaining four provinces export growth below the national average. Prominent central and western provinces and cities in electronic information products export growth momentum, Chongqing, Henan, Sichuan, year-on-year increase of 646.8 percent, 724.5 percent and 193.8 percent.

Imports of electronic information products of the top five provinces and cities in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, imports 1843.4,942.7,760.1,214.8 and $ 16.95 billion.