Chenggu: Departments jointly carry out lightning protection inspections on 16 hazardous chemical companies

From June 28, the meteorological and emergency management departments of Chenggu County, Shaanxi Province formed a joint inspection team to carry out a two-day special inspection of lightning protection and safety for 16 hazardous chemical enterprises in the county.
In accordance with the requirements of lightning protection safety supervision, the inspection team adopts methods such as reviewing information and spot inspections to implement the lightning protection safety production responsibility system of the production and business units, the establishment and operation of the lightning protection safety system, safety risk management and control, lightning protection emergency plans, and hidden dangers Key inspections were carried out to investigate and control the situation. For hidden safety hazards discovered, the joint inspection team issued a rectification notice, put forward specific rectification opinions, and ordered rectification within a specified time limit.
The joint inspection team also held a symposium with companies to promote lightning protection safety management regulations and knowledge of lightning protection, and remind companies to do a good job in lightning protection under high temperature and hot weather.

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June. 28, 2021