Chenggong some colleges and universities have no lightning facilities inspection

Recently, Chenggong lightning safety work inspection team into the Yuhua Area colleges and universities, investigation and management of the area colleges and universities lightning safety hazard. Inspection found that although some colleges and universities to install lightning protection facilities, but did not pass inspection.

Since 2007, Yunnan Normal University Teaching residential buildings have been built more than 60 buildings, about 920,000 square meters, the school handled the lightning protection design review and final acceptance of the administrative examination and approval procedures in the construction process, but in the past six years , the school buildings have not been re-examination of lightning protection devices, there is no relevant contingency plans. Inspection Unit checks found that a similar phenomenon prevalent in various universities. In response to this reality, city, district meteorological department said it would further increase lightning safety propaganda, strengthen safety testing to ensure that lightning protection measures in place. 

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May. 23, 2016