Chaoyang, Beijing: Jointly produced a popular science video with "The Rule of Law in Progress"

On July 14, the lightning protection and disaster mitigation promotional video jointly shot by the Chaoyang District Meteorological Bureau of Beijing and the "Rule of Law" column team was broadcast on the Beijing Satellite TV Science and Education Channel, and the "Beijing Time" app was simultaneously released. The propaganda film provides key tips on the prevention of lightning disasters in flammable and explosive places during the flood season, and calls on the public to strengthen the awareness of lightning prevention and mitigation, improve disaster prevention and mitigation capabilities, and strengthen comprehensive prevention of meteorological disaster risks.
Chaoyang District Meteorological Bureau actively explores the rule of law propaganda model. While actively using new media platforms such as Weibo and WeChat, it also pays attention to exerting the influence of mainstream media. It has jointly filmed a series of propaganda campaigns on the rule of law in meteorology for 5 consecutive years. To increase public awareness of meteorological laws and regulations, meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation, increase publicity and education of meteorological law, and make the rule of meteorological law closer to the public and serve the public.

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Nov. 01, 2021