Changzhou Toshiba successfully develop ultrahigh pressure converter transformer

Since this year, changzhou Toshiba transformer Co., LTD has successfully developed three-phase one / 800 kilovolts tetrad transformer, 220 kv, 500 kv intelligent transformer. Recently, the company by the independent research and manufacture of 500kv converter transformer factory test through all smoothly.  

This product is for China's large-scale hydropower station of gezhouba hydropower station research and manufacture. The data show that the product various performance indicators meet, part of the indexes were superior to the national standards and technical agreement requirements. Converter transformer is uhvdc transmission project, is the key equipment in ac&dc transmission system commutation, inverter, the core equipment of both ends interface of its quality is the normal operation of the power grid project. Therefore, the reliability of the exchange converter transformer and technical performance requirement is very high. Changzhou Toshiba company with strong technical strength and research and development ability, the technical personnel and the joint efforts of all the employees, the converter transformer is read by a dc electric field, magnetic field, so the common function of special structure, complex, and the manufacturing environment and the processing quality requirements, successfully develop higher difficulties with the company produced products r&d landmark high quality products.