Central China Power Grid to promote lightning technology has achieved remarkable results

Nearly 200,000 lightning strikes, the highest intensity of 100 kA, 500 kV transmission line without a trip. July 23 randomly selected data show that in recent years, Central China Power Grid to actively promote the applicability of a number of new technologies, in the climate of disaster weather played an important role. Central China is China's lightning strikes, the annual transmission line fault caused by the failure of the grid accounted for more than 40%. In order to improve the safe operation level of the national networking hub, Huazhong Company actively promoted and applied many new lightning protection technologies, such as lightning positioning system, controlled discharge lightning rod, and achieved remarkable results. Since the lightning locating system was put into operation, it has acquired the basic data of lightning locating in central China, and eliminated the drawbacks of using lightning rods to measure lightning data. Using the real-time lightning data samples "description" of the regional lightning activity distribution map, 500 kV line along the lightning density map, so that the regional characteristics of lightning activity in the eyes. According to Huazhong Technology Center Chief Engineer Wu Bohua, lightning positioning system can be hundreds of kilometers of transmission lines in the rapid lightning lock fault point, and provide historical data as a reasoning and analysis. Controlled discharge lightning rod combines the advantages of traditional lightning arrester and line lightning arrester. At present, it is popularized and applied in the lightning striking line of Central China Power Grid, and has obtained obvious lightning protection effect.

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Nov. 07, 2016