Central Air Traffic Control technology center complete security checks before thunderstorm lightning power

Central Air Traffic Control technical support centers carry out the 18 stations powered lightning special inspection of air traffic control building, Phoenix Mountain radar station, Cencun navigation station, and completed the lightning rectification work for supply and distribution.

In the lightning protection system, the emphasis at all levels - power arrester and grounding system.
Replacing some aging arrester, lightning transformation of non-standard configuration, use lightning arrester module tester to ensure standardized, safe and reliable. Emergency protection in the power supply, a detailed examination of the oil machine equipment, eliminate hidden dangers in advance and strengthen the emergency diesel generator power supply capacity, power protection equipment. In terms of supply and distribution of mine rectification, Ping install the three navigation station arresters, Wengyuan, Lung, and other navigation station Nanxiong replace circuit breakers and surge arresters, some stations to install to row, some stations to replace leakage protection switch.

Central Air Traffic Control Center in recent years, going on technical support troubleshooting, power supply work, on the basis of supply and distribution of mlightning last year to check on rectification, find hidden timely implementation of rectification.
Will usher in more recent thunderstorm season, the special inspection facilities to effectively improve the lightning protection and grounding protection, reduce lightning hazards, safety and security equipment supply.

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April. 07,2015