Caofeidian Lightning Protection Center for industrial enterprises in-depth lightning detection

 Recently, in order to effectively strengthen the work of enterprise safety, Tangshan City, Hebei Province, Caofeidian Industrial Zone, lightning-depth center of the enterprise security facilities for lightning protection testing, and commercial oil storage reservoir and other hazardous enterprises, flammable and explosive places were carried out Focus on detection.

Lightning protection center attaches great importance to lightning detection work, organization of technical backbone of the development of detection programs and the implementation of testing. Detection of technical personnel of the enterprise lightning protection facilities for each inspection points were carefully examined and tested, carefully record the test data, while the scene pointed out that the existing problems and potential safety problems, and put forward scientific and reasonable rectification opinions, to guide the inspection unit to improve Lightning protection measures to eliminate hidden dangers of lightning, for enterprise safety production provides a strong technical support and security.

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Dec.26, 2016