Bulgarian photovoltaic(PV) subsidy cuts off up to 50%

 Bulgaria Authority for consumers to improve the price, that is, prices increased by 13 percent since July 1. According to reports, the price may be increased from more expensive renewable energy pro rata increase. The political sensitivity of electricity prices in Bulgaria, because of the country's electricity can be accounted for citizens monthly income of more than half, especially in the winter. The center-right government has been modified, the development of renewable energy have the law in order to control these items and revealed that the subsidies will decline. But, the subsidies have cut severely degrees or surprised investors. "Velizar Kiriakov of the person in charge of the eco-Energy Association, said:" We see not a matter of policy, but the ultimate goal to stop the development of solar and wind have impromptu decision.
New international energy network in view of the soaring price of electricity, the Bulgarian Energy Authority has slashed solar and wind to produce electricity have the subsidy rate, it enables the country's energy developers bothered. The Authority to cut solar FiT more than 50%, over 22% of the wind FiT. The new policy on July 1, the implementation of the object to have solar and wind power plants connected to the grid for July 2013.

    Dozens from Austria, Germany, Japan, China, South Korea and the United States and other countries have companies are crowding this south-eastern Europe the sun and wind resources sufficient in a small country, the country also provides for the development of renewable energy is quite generous incentive subsidies. However, the country to install the additional amount has exceeded expectations, which have grid electricity prices put pressure on the country a continuous aging.

    China Ming Yang Wind Power Group had planned to start next month in northern Bulgaria construction of a 120 MW have wind farms. Based on the country's new policy, the company is considering the abolition of this cost of € 150 million project. Charge of the project have W Power Group CEO Jonathan Mann, said: "We are likely to be charged to the introduction of the country to government, the Government has introduced a new policy seeks us out when we are prepared to invest the funds." Mann said that they had expected cuts of 5%, 22% have magnitude, it is absurd, which will undoubtedly make the project unprofitable.

    The Energy Authority said that at present Bulgaria, 12 percent have electricity from renewable sources. Subject to the EU supports the target to 2020 and 16 percent have electricity from renewable sources. Now, Bulgaria's accession to slash subsidies for renewable energy in Germany, Spain and the Czech Republic. In February, the Czech Energy Authority said they hope to stop almost all renewable energy resources have incentives before 2014. In addition, the Bulgarian Energy Authority, said that since the beginning of July, the transmission fee will be increased by 50 percent, the policy is implemented on July 1. In a bid to fight against the neighboring countries have electricity exports. Vladimir Dichev said: "This is undoubtedly a disaster. This will prevent the export and led to manufacturers and traders have a huge loss."