Building Electricity: how to calculate the range of lightning rod protection

The scope of the lightning rod, which has several calculation methods, electrician's home on the range of lightning protection method used to calculate these types of finishing this.

Currently the calculation form of lightning protection is different of the world-wide, in general, there are several methods calculated as follows:

1. line law: that the scope of a single lightning rod for a polyline cone.

2. the curve: the scope of protection that is single lightning rod for a curve cone.

3. the straight-line method: is the lightning rod tip to make a depression vertex to determine the risk of explosion of the building with a 45 ° angle, for general building use 60 ° angle substantially the scope of protection is a straight line of the cone.

Since 1983, China formally established its own lightning specifications. At present, China Building Lightning norms GB50057-94 International Electrotechnical Commission also adopted (IEC) recommended "grounder method" as the Calculation methods of lightning protection range.

Calculation methods of lightning protection range, said: common lightning rod (here refers only to a single pin) Calculation of the scope of the main fold line and ground ball methods, for purposes of calculating the "fold line" and "grounder law" was preliminary analysis and discussion, come: "fold line" main feature is designed to be intuitive, easy to calculate, reduce investment, but more than 20 m building height greater than NA: "grounder law," the main features of lightning can be calculated ( band) and the scope of the grid when combined, but the calculation is relatively complex, relatively large investment costs.

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Aug. 10, 2015