Brazil will invest $ 42 billion wind power project

Brazilian Wind Energy Association, said recently, in 2020, Brazil will be $ 42 billion investment in wind power projects to meet the growing demand for energy. Plans to increase to 16 GW total installed capacity, power generation costs to be $ 48.8 / MWh.

Brazilian Wind Energy Association expects wind power share of the national electricity system in 2016 increased to 5.4% from 1.5%. , Elbia Melo, head of the Brazilian Wind Energy Association, said: "The wind resource is very promising renewable energy sources, it is an important part of the energy supply chain in Brazil."

Elbia Melo said that despite the Brazilian wind power increasingly competitive, but the price can not be less than $ 48.8 / MW. She also stressed that the state-of-the-art technology and equipment is the key to the development of wind energy, but so far, Brazil has not advanced technological breakthroughs.