Brazil solar energy market is fast growing

European photovoltaic (PV) industry association, which published the 2014 global market outlook, points out, the Brazilian market has great development potential photovoltaic (pv). ChrisO 'Brien said: "Brazil has very good sunshine condition and resources, the country's energy demand is increasing, need more energy reserves."
After Brazilian government make the decision of the solar energy industry development, the local Brazil photovoltaic manufacturers encouraged, with the help of the government, they built an experimental factory to produce cost-effective pv modules and the wafers.
At present, the Brazilian enterprise start work with more famous European, American turnkey solutions provider, such as Spire company, who provide to Sao Paulo Tecnometal Equipamentos 20 MW component production line.
At the same time, Brazil's first commercial scale (1 MW) photovoltaic power station also completed the grid in June. MPX energy company and general electric (GE) signed an agreement in August, will double the capacity of the Taua project, which marks GE enter into Brazil photovoltaic market.
Other developers have also launched cooperation with Brazil counterparts. GehrlicherSolar and EcoluzParticipa E company cooperation to build football photovoltaic project, at present this kind of project in Brazil is more and more popular. EstadiodePitua project is the first photovoltaic stadium project built for next World Cup in Brazil.