Botou to carry out oil and gas pipeline lightning protection special inspection work

In order to implement the "Hebei Province, oil and gas pipelines and other security special investigation and control work program," the spirit of March 12, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province Botou Meteorological Bureau of lightning safety special rectification team according to the provincial City Council work deployment requirements, in Botou City within the scope of oil and gas pipelines and other lightning protection, anti-static special inspection.

The scope of inspection for the area of oil and gas transmission, hazardous chemicals, pipelines and urban gas pipeline network. Mainly from the lightning protection, anti-static device design, installation and periodic testing, such as compliance with national standards requirements, oil and gas pipeline network, flammable and explosive places is the establishment of the implementation of the lightning safety responsibility system and other aspects of safety Investigation.

In carrying out lightning protection, anti-static facilities hidden trouble investigation and rectification work in a comprehensive supervision and inspection, the problems and hidden dangers, ordered the enterprise deadline for rectification.

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Feb.06, 2017