Beilun lightning for the first time to complete the power plant lightning protection work

Recently, the city of Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province Beilun District lightning technical staff lasted half a month, the first time to complete the State Power Zhejiang Beilun the first power generation plant limited to the lightning anti-static grounding device testing work.

Beilun power plant grounding a wide range of devices, multi-type building (structure) building lightning protection system complex structure. Beilun District lightning on the detection of this work attaches great importance to invite experts in Ningbo City, lightning to provide technical guidance, through several on-site research and analysis, put forward a comprehensive and comprehensive testing program, the plant grounding resistance, the individual device equipotential bonding The situation to conduct a comprehensive inspection, investigation and guidance rectification security risks, the successful completion of Beilun power plant lightning protection work.

The successful completion of the test work for the Beilun lightning in the future to carry out power plant lightning detection has accumulated some experience.

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Mar.06, 2017