Beijing: Promote the high-quality development of meteorological undertakings based on the strategic positioning of the capital

2021 Beijing Municipal Meteorological Directors’ Meeting was held, marking a good start and a good start for the high-quality development of the capital’s meteorological cause during the 14th Five-Year Plan.
The Beijing Municipal Meteorological Bureau will adhere to and deepen the working ideas of integrated party building, research business, and service management in accordance with the requirements of the “double struggle” action and the “double guarantee” work, and build the “three defenses, three inspections, and three protections” to meet the needs of the capital. The first line of defense for meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation: report, three police, three responses, and three refinements. Work hard on pragmatism and innovation, let innovation become a habit of thinking, and become common practice in the overall situation; let pragmatism become the behavior style of Beijing Meteorological people, and learn from the overall situation. Based on the strategic positioning of the capital, strive to solve the core and key technical problems of meteorology, promote the application and transformation of meteorological science and technology achievements, and focus on serving the role of economic and social development. Continue to implement the meteorological high-level scientific and technological innovation talent plan, provide a platform for those who want to work, and create an atmosphere and environment conducive to the growth and differentiation of talents. Continue to deepen reforms in key areas such as meteorological science and technology, lightning protection, and talent development, and increase the vitality of the high-quality development of the capital's meteorological industry.

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Jan. 11, 2021