Basic knowledge of civil air defense

Civil air defense for short is an important part of the country and a long-term combat readiness for the whole people. It is an important strategic measure to prevent sudden enemy attacks, ensure the safety of people's lives and property, reduce national economic losses, effectively preserve war potential, and win future war victories.
Air defense system
The system responsible for air defense affairs, composed of a unified national organization or the military and civil defense departments, includes air observation and warning systems, air defense operations command systems, air defense firepower distribution systems, and corresponding support service systems.
The role of civil air defense under the conditions of modern war
Under the conditions of modern warfare, civil air defense not only has a positive protective effect on high-tech conventional weapons, but also on nuclear weapons. The Second World War, the Gulf War, the Kosovo War, and the Yugoslavian counter-attack war have all provided indisputable verification of the important position and role of civil air defense in modern warfare. Therefore, many countries in the world today are actively strengthening civil air defense while working on economic construction.
The main tasks of civil air defense The fundamental task of civil air defense is to mobilize and organize the people to take protective measures to fight enemy air attacks based on the characteristics of modern warfare, protect people’s lives, avoid or reduce national economic losses, and preserve war potential. The main tasks in wartime are: to establish civil air defense headquarters at all levels to unify the leadership of the city’s air raid struggle; to grasp the enemy’s and air information, and to deliver air raid warnings in time; to organize the evacuation of urban population and the relocation of important factories; assault on the construction of civil air defense projects, and organize to stay in the city Personnel go underground to hide; implement urban light control; organize air defense professional teams and the people to eliminate the consequences of air strikes, support urban defense work, and maintain urban security; assist relevant departments in restoring production and living order. The main tasks are:
  1. Propaganda and implement the "Civil Air Defense Law", combined with local realities, formulate plans for civil air defense construction and civil air defense management, so as to build and manage civil air defense in accordance with the law.
   2. Strengthen the construction of civil air defense agencies and air defense teams.
   3. Do a good job in the construction of civil air defense organization and command.
  4. Do a good job in the construction of civil air defense communication alarms.
  5. Strengthen the construction of civil air defense projects.
  6. Carry out civil air defense education and training.
  7. Strengthen the building of professional air defense teams.
   8. Do a good job in the combination of civil air defense construction and urban construction.
   9. Carry out civil air defense scientific research.
  10. Do a good job in the combination of peace and war and the management of civil air defense enterprises.
  11. Do a good job in collecting funds for civil air defense construction.
  12. Strengthen civil air defense funding and material management.
  13. Participate in the rescue and relief of major natural disasters and emergencies in the city.
The purpose of civil air defense education is to carry out civil air defense education based on the will of the state. The fundamental purpose is to enable citizens to firmly establish awareness of danger in times of peace, understand the tasks of civil air defense, strengthen the concept of national defense, and master the basic knowledge and skills of civil air defense, so as to achieve peacetime Care and support the construction of civil air defense, perform civil air defense duties and protect civil air defense facilities in accordance with the law; in wartime, in accordance with the requirements of civil air defense, carry out air defense struggles, conduct self-rescue, and reduce casualties.
Guidelines and principles to be followed in civil air defense construction The guidelines to be followed are long-term preparation, key construction, and combination of peace and war. The principle to be followed is coordinated development with economic construction and integration with urban construction. Civil air defense is a nationwide long-term combat readiness work that is related to the safety of the country, the survival of the nation, and the safety of people's lives and property. It has always been highly valued by the party and the state.
The necessity of civil air defense construction in peacetime First, the need for national security. The second is the need for economic construction. The third is the need of urban construction. The fourth is the need for civil air defense itself.
Although peace factors dominate the world today, insecurity factors should not be underestimated. As hostile forces have never died, the United States has long included China as its strategic missile target; Taiwan independence elements represented by Chen Shui-bian’s wolfish ambition to split the motherland and reunify has become more and more exposed. Therefore, we must seize the advantages of peacetime. At the right time, work hard to do a good job in civil air defense. If the construction of civil air defense is not strengthened in peacetime, it will be too late to dig a well in time of war.

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Oct. 12, 2020