Baoji: Implementing measures to prevent lightning disasters in schools

Hu Baoping, correspondent of China Meteorological News, recently reported that the Baoji Municipal Meteorological Bureau of Shaanxi Province and the Municipal Education Bureau jointly issued a notice requesting to further strengthen the school's lightning disaster prevention work, and effectively implement the school's lightning disaster prevention response measures to ensure the normal development of educational activities and the majority of teachers and students. Safety of life and property.
The notice clearly stated that schools have strengthened the safety management of lightning protection facilities from four aspects. First, earnestly implement the responsibility of the main body of lightning protection. Second, the newly-built school earnestly implemented the mandatory regulations for lightning protection drawing review and completion acceptance. The third is to strictly implement the regular inspection system for lightning protection facilities and timely correct the hidden dangers of lightning protection. The fourth is the system of accountability for strict lightning strikes.
According to the notice, the meteorological department actively carried out the meteorological disaster prevention publicity and education activities with the theme of “Meteorological Science Popularization School”. In the activities such as the World Meteorological Day and the National Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Day, we will promote the knowledge of lightning protection to teachers and students by conducting science lectures and holding symposiums, so as to further improve the awareness of mine disaster prevention and self-help and mutual rescue. At the same time, the meteorological department has strengthened cooperation with the education department and fully relied on the platforms of the distance education system, education network, meteorological science network and meteorological science education base to actively promote the knowledge of lightning protection science.

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Aug.06, 2018