Baigou New City: carry out special inspection of lightning protection safety

China Meteorological News correspondent Chen Tianfeng reported Recently, the Baigou New City Meteorological Bureau of Baoding City, Hebei Province concentrated on the special inspection of winter lightning protection safety production in the natural gas companies, gas stations and gas stations in the whole district, and fully fulfilled the safety supervision duties.
The inspectors carried out detailed inspections on the implementation of lightning protection safety main responsibility in all important places, regular inspection of lightning protection safety facilities, rectification of hidden dangers, lightning protection safety system and meteorological disaster emergency system, as well as safety hazard investigation, and proposed rectification of units that did not conduct regular inspections. opinion. During the inspection process, the inspectors publicize the lightning protection safety knowledge to the unit, improve the awareness of lightning protection safety production, eliminate the hidden dangers of lightning protection in time, avoid and mitigate the loss of lightning disasters, and ensure the safety of people's lives and property.
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Oct.22, 2018