Artificial respiration is the key to the rescue injured by lightning

Lightning Protection Center of Henan Province, said senior engineer Zhang Yonggang  under normal circumstances , due to being struck by lightning is not the same degree of severity of skin burns , fainting or even intermittent heartbeat and other representations on to a lesser extent trauma, disposal is relatively simple ; regarding the latter two , in a timely and land rescue artificial respiration is vital.

According to the Professor, who was struck by lightning injuries occur in sudden cardiac arrest , respiratory sudden appearance of intermittent , often called lightning " suspended animation " phenomenon. This time to the scene immediately organized rescue the wounded lying on the ground , give artificial respiration , and should immediately call the emergency center, injured by a professional on a useful disposal and rescue.

Professor Kay prompt manner, artificial respiration should note the following: he pushed his forehead , so that the head thrown back as far as possible, together with the other arm to move the neck lift; adhere trachea smooth, take exit foreign body, clear secretions; extrusion pressure to fit , not too much; squeezing and relaxation time are approximately equal.