Aohanqi Agricultural Power Bureau for equipment "interrogation" lightning protection

Recently, the Aohan Banner of the rural electric power transmission and distribution area maintenance staff were on the area of 21 66 kV substation main transformer for lightning protection experiments on the 66 kV tower grounding line reinforcement.

Aohanqi territory of mountains, hills, accounting for about two-thirds of the total area, is a lightning disaster-prone areas, in previous years caused by local power outages and transmission equipment damage accident occurred several times, a serious threat to lightning safe and stable operation. In order to improve the power grid lightning protection capacity, since April, Aohanqi Agricultural Power Bureau of the 2016 lightning protection work arrangements in advance of the deployment of 10 kV integrated and special transformer arrester calibration, the grounding resistance of the insulation Degree of testing and found hidden in time. Laying the foundation for safe and stable operation of power grid during peak summer.

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Dec. 19, 2016