Anshun Meteorological Department of Guizhou Province in-depth village propaganda and lightning knowledge

Recently, the reporter learned from the Anshun City Meteorological Bureau, in order to further strengthen the scientific knowledge of rural lightning science and technology, Anshun City Bureau of Meteorology in Pingping County, Leping Town, linked to the village, to carry out meteorological science knowledge and lightning safety knowledge campaign.

Due to the higher wall of the village, the surrounding relatively open, the average annual thunderstorm days in more than 50 days. Hanging more than four villages after the village almost every year to suffer different degrees of lightning disaster. Activities of the scene, more than 100 villagers listened carefully to the technical staff of the lightning disaster prevention knowledge in detail, and received a lightning knowledge brochure and lightning flip chart more than 100 copies. At the same time, the city and county meteorological departments also jointly raise funds in November this year to help the village to complete the lightning protection facilities design and construction of the installation for the majority of the villagers to provide effective protection against lightning disasters.

It is understood that the future, the city meteorological department will also for the majority of rural meteorological disasters prone to frequent disaster prevention knowledge of the situation, to further increase the propaganda, expand the scope of publicity, so that more villagers know the dangers of lightning disasters, know how Defense and avoid lightning.

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July.10, 2017