ABB participates in Italy key solar power projects

The leading power and automation technology group, has won Emmeesseenne ABB recently announced the company $33 million project orders, southeast Italy pasquale Foggia for the city (Foggia) 3 building of efficient solar power grid system, provide including complete electrical and control turnkey solutions. The three seat is expected on solar power into the 3rd quarter in 2011. Emmeesseenne company from a focus on renewable energy field contributive establish investment funds.

ABB offers solutions use mature reliable implemented quickly concept, equipment modules within first in factory assembly and pre-register through relevant electrical test, then reached construction field fast, flexible installation. ABB advanced control and system optimization technology will ensure 3 building of power efficient operation. All the power station power and automation devices will be optimized to improve productivity and reduce power consumption. ABB has also designed specifically for 3 building of
power station, support the technical plan and more accurate control of power and realize remote monitoring.

ABB is the ranking of global 500 list, the leading power and automation technology of the leading manufacturers. ABB technology can help power, public utilities and industrial customers improve performance and reduce the adverse impact on the environment. ABB group business all over the world in more than 100 countries, have 12.4 million employees. ABB in China has including r&d, manufacturing, sales and engineering services comprehensive business activity, with 1.6 million staff, 30 local businesses and nationwide sales and service network.