A warning 10 minutes in advance

For a long time, dry thunder is the most dangerous. Lightning can come without warning. In recent years, mobile phone users have been hit by lightning and caused casualties. In order to prevent such accidents from causing another tragedy, Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia has developed a mobile phone with lightning detection function, which can inform users of the upcoming lightning in advance, allowing users to quickly move to a safe place. Relevant personnel believe that this new feature will be loved by many outdoor activity enthusiasts.
According to British media reports, this thoughtful mobile phone technology was developed by Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia. Mobile phones with this technology not only have functions such as e-mail, camera, video, etc., it can also predict lightning threats and let users leave dangerous places.
Nokia said that their newly developed lightning protection alert function can make people aware of drought and thunder. "Although it is only issued 10 minutes early, it is also a very important security measure."
It is reported that this mobile phone will detect radio waves generated by lightning several kilometers away. As the radio wave mode changes as the thunderstorm gets closer, the mobile phone will issue a warning sound after detecting the change to remind users to A safe place to shun, I believe it will be loved by outdoor enthusiasts such as golfers and anglers.
Future predictable lightning distance
Technical experts point out that in addition to detecting lightning, this technology may even measure the distance of the nearest lightning in the future after continuous improvement.
It is reported that lightning has 1 billion volts, enough to light 10 million bulbs. In the UK alone, 5 people are killed by lightning every year, and 30 to 60 people are injured by lightning. 75% of them are permanently disabled, such as brain damage or physical paralysis.
But some experts are skeptical of this technology. Analyst Kurt said the technology patent was "interesting" but only applicable to "areas where lightning is frequent".

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Dec. 23, 2019