A Canadian men was burned when he listen to IPOD in rainning

A Canadian men running and listen to Apple ipod, who was struck by lightning, resulting in the chest and neck burns, ruptured eardrum and jaw fracture. So far, there have been many similar cases, victims are due to wet weather in the outdoor use of personal electronic devices such as digital music players, notebook, and hurt.
Former stockbroker Michael Atlee (Michael Utley) was in the golf struck by lightning, but fortunately survived. Since then, he has created a dedicated website www.struckbylightning.org used to track a similar case. Since 2004, he has recorded cases, 13 victims of mobile phone were struck by lightning in the rain. Different with a tree or a lightning rod, and consumer electronics devices and will not attract lightning. University of Illinois Medical Center, Mary (Mary Ann Cooper), Cooper said: consumer electronics devices and will not attract lightning, it only should be struck by lightning location will be hit, but when lightning come into contact with metal, the metal conduction current. "
When the lightning hit a nearby object, it often only formed in the skin near the moment of flash. However, consumer electronic devices' metal, or metal jewelry and pocket coins are likely to cause contact burns to greater harm.