A 18-year-old high school boys answer the phone causes death because of lightning strike

July 5, a 18-year-old high school boys answer the phone causes death because of lightning strike.
According to the boy's neighbor Wang introduced misfortune high a 18-year-old boys, a few days ago the school holiday home. July 4 afternoon, he and my grandmother out of the village to see the ground corn. About 5 pm, heavy rain, Zusun Liang quickly hid under a tree farm. At this time, the boys phone rings, he took out the phone to answer, and suddenly a bolt of lightning, boy was knocked to the ground, my grandmother cried shouting people. Boy was rushed to the town hospital, but it was too late. "After being struck by lightning, and his hands and chest into a charcoal color." Neighbor Lee said.
According to Mao said changxindianzhen hospitals, July 4 at 5 pm, the patient was taken to hospital, the doctor after examination found that patients struck by lightning, had no vital signs.
[Thunderstorm days can not do 10 things]:
1, lightning storms, do not make calls, to turn off the phone, because the phone lines and mobile phones will be introduced to lightning electromagnetic wounding.
2, lightning storms, do not open the TV, computer, VCD machine, unplug the power plug everything in order to avoid injuries and damage to electrical appliances.
3, do not stand the light bulb, do not shower bath.
4, try not to open the door, window, prevent lightning Watch indoors. Do not dry clothes futon wire, pull the receiving window and door.
5, thunder and lightning, do not close all the electric power facilities, such as electrical transformers and other high voltage wires. When lightning is close, but not touching any metal pipes, such as water pipes, heating pipes, water pipes under such;
1, open space Do not use metal tip of an umbrella, do not put metal objects on his shoulders;
2, a thunderstorm a few people do not run side by side or in hand with each other to maintain a certain distance between.
3, in the larger thunderstorms away from trees, try not running big step, you can choose the building shelter, but should not choose the car shelter. If traveling by car, etc. encounter storms, do not hand out the window head.
4, do not wear wet clothes, hats, shoes, etc. walk under the big thunderstorm. For sudden lightning, immediately squat lower their height, while the feet together, in order to reduce the harm caused by the step voltage.
5, try not to go out, if you must go out, it is best to wear shoes, put on a raincoat, can play a role in the insulation of thunder and lightning.
Lightning storm relatively safe environment and a safer environment:
If you can not find a safe place to escape, follow these guidelines seek a safer place and take appropriate measures to reduce the risk:
1 Look for trees densely, avoid isolated trees;
(2) Find a building built in the low areas, tents and shelter, do not stay at the top or height;
3 If you are in the open exposed areas, and you want to keep your feet together and bow their heads bowed as the squat, tuck your hands and remove the body carrying a metal object, do not lie flat on the ground;
4 If there is urgent need to hurry, the other will not be flooded wear plastic raincoats; walk more slowly, the pace should be smaller
Lightning storm dangerous environments:
Open space, such as sports grounds, car parks, playgrounds, etc.;
Isolated trees, poles, large billboards, antenna tower;
Outside the fence, overhead lines and railway tracks near;
Isolated protruding ground, such as mountain tops and ridges, the roof of the building area;
Outdoor water or land and water junction, such as swimming pools, lakes, etc.;
No lightning protection devices to protect small-scale buildings, warehouses, sheds, tents and temporary shelter;
Non-metallic roof or open vehicles, vessels.
Thunderstorms safe environment:
A qualified lightning protection devices to protect homes or other buildings;
Underground shelter, such as underpasses, etc.;
Large metal frame buildings;
Metal roof and body of vehicles, such as cars, buses, etc.;
Metal shell boat or ship;
Shelter building near city streets.