2012 China Miniature Circuit Breaker development mode analysis

Chinese family residential distribution protection initially most of the fifties and sixties a combination of a simple knife switch and fuse (ceramic insert RC1). Short-circuit occurs, the entire housing is a dark, replacement fuse inconvenient. To 70 years of the late sixties have developed DZ5, DZ12, DZ15 series of poles molded case circuit breaker. Beijing Switch Factory in the late seventies, the introduction of German technology and the transfer of domestic manufacturers to produce S060 series mini circuit breaker, but for various reasons can not be large-scale promotion. The mid-1980s, the production of late, Tianjin Merlin Gerin C45N Miniature Circuit Breaker and many domestic manufacturers DZ47 series mass production, so that my country for overcurrent protection circuit breakers rose to a new level.

Since the beginning of the new century, people's material life has been further improved, and distribution systems in residential areas of automation and high reliability requirements are getting higher and higher. However, in reality circuit protection application process, often the fault current to cause the same level of circuit breaker tripping at the same time or even Tripping phenomenon. The addition should improve its performance in order to ensure reliability of power supply distribution system and in the event of failure to affect narrow within the scope of the only point of failure, we should also study how to improve the concatenation in the supply and distribution network selective protection coordination between the lower-level circuit breakers.

An over-current with the selective protection of low voltage circuit breaker is actually two or more of the current between the protection of electrical Simply within the scope of protection is the next level of protection of electrical short circuit, overcurrent fault should be the protection of electrical action, a protection of electrical does not work, when the protection of electrical tripping, a protection of electrical action sub-range and have priorities and requirements.