10 points of Outdoor Lightning

 10 points of Outdoor Lightning

Prevention coefficient - prevention class

1. Do not stay in the tower platform, open area outdoors unfit isolated huts, guard and so on.

2. away from buildings exposed water pipes, gas pipes and other metal objects and electrical equipment.

3. away from the edge of the river, the ground water at the poles and light board displays.

4. not hold metal umbrellas, golf clubs or exalted, hoes, etc; avoid outdoor sports and other strenuous exercise.

Prevention coefficient - combat level

1. When lightning occurs, not fast on a motorbike, cycling or fast run through the rain, because the larger body of stride, the greater the voltage, the more easily hurt.

2. Avoid large trees to avoid, as a last resort if required to maintain three meters away from the trunk, and legs close squat.

3. Do not hand stays outdoors escape, while his hands knees, chest close to the knees, bowed his head as much as possible, because the head than the rest of the body most vulnerable to lightning.

Prevention factor - high risk level

1. When outdoors within a few seconds after seeing lightning thunder heard, indicating near thunderstorms are in hazardous environments, and you should stop walking, feet close together and immediately squat, do not pull together with others, it is best to use plastic rain gear, raincoat.

2. When the thunder and lightning, if the head, neck, hands ants crawling away a sense of place, hair ruffled, indicating lightning occurs, should immediately lie     on the ground, in order to reduce the risk of being struck by lightning, and remove the body and wear metal jewelry necklaces, hairpins.

3. If you see lightning in the outdoor high-voltage fault, should be vigilant and immediately, because there are high-voltage lines near the step voltage break,       people living nearby do not run, but should be feet together, jump off the scene.

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