Zhejiang Jinhua power line equipment to carry out lightning activities

Before Qingming, lightning gradually into more frequently. Recently, this reporter from the State Grid Jinhua Power Company, Jinhua 110 kV and above all on the line side outlet surge arrester has been installed, and under the jurisdiction of 133 batches of 110 kV and above substations arrester live test work carried out to to ensure that the upcoming season thunderstorm lightning safety. Up to now, the company has completed more than 90 Jinhua substations arrester live test expected to be completed before the end of April the entire power grid substations arrester Jinhua live test.

To actively respond to climate may bring spring lightning equipment loss in early March, the State Grid Jinhua spring line equipment supply company opened lightning action. A large area to carry 10 kV overhead line switches, surge arresters and other ground resistance testing, comprehensive inspection grounding rods, grounding and other ground equipment, while increasing the lightning-prone area special patrol work, and strive forward investigation by lightning risk, and effectively improve the transmission Health and power distribution equipment reliability rate.

In addition, the power company has also focused on the application. The company uses high-voltage power lines on advanced "LLS" accurate tracking of lightning, with routine inspections of data analysis, focusing on the lightning lines, frequent sexual tower grounding device to transform and improve the level of anti-lightning lines, line towers to avoid being lightning damage caused power grid failures, improve lightning-prone season high voltage line reliability.

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April. 18,2015