Yongnian: Meteorology Education carried out lightning safety inspection at school

China Meteorological News reported recently, Yongnian County, Hebei Province Meteorological Bureau, Department of Education jointly issued "on the strengthening of the county school lightning safety notice" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice"), the county schools at all levels to carry out lightning Joint security checks.
"Notice" requirement, Yongnian County Bureau of Meteorology, Department of Education to set up a joint inspection group to develop implementation strategies. And put forward specific requirements: County meteorological departments to carry out administrative duties according to law lightning disaster prevention work to strengthen communication with the education sector, a comprehensive lightning safety special inspection, do not stay dead, do not stay hidden; County Board of Education to do Good lightning safety inspection of organization and coordination to implement lightning safety responsibility, urging schools to do lightning security risks rectification work to ensure that the lightning safety measures implemented; schools at all levels should strengthen lightning safety management, good lightning safety and lightning facilities and self-correction routine maintenance inspections, hidden rectification in a timely manner to ensure that the role of lightning protection devices.

Check the inspection team will analyze, summarize, there are security risks specific to rectification, to inform the county school inspection, and remove hidden weak units and individuals for criticism.

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June. 22,2015