Xupu County, Ge Zhu Ping Shan Village lightning disaster prevention construction was officially launched

China Meteorological News correspondent Tang Yu Sun Jiao reported, the Hunan Provincial Meteorological Bureau in Changsha organized the "Xupu County Ge Zhu Ping Shan Village lightning disaster prevention project overall design program" (hereinafter referred to as "program") assessment meeting, With the "program" through the review, Xupu County Ge Zhu Ping Shan Village lightning disaster defense construction will be officially launched.

The meeting invited the China Meteorological Science Research Institute and other domestic lightning experts were reviewed, Hunan Provincial Development and Reform Commission and Huaihua City, Xupu County government leaders related to the meeting. After careful discussion and questioning, the expert group that the program combines the design goals and national standards of relevant technical standards, the program design is reasonable, technologically advanced, including the construction of simulation tree lightning rod, emergency shelter facilities and building integrated lightning protection measures And other means, innovative thinking, economical and practical. The Expert Group agreed to adopt the "Program" review and recommend further refinement and refinement based on expert advice.

After the completion of the project is expected to complete, Shan back village lightning disaster defense system will be further improved, defense capabilities will also be significantly improved in the near future, "lightning village" will be transformed into a "safe village", mountain villagers The daily life and life and property security will be better protected.

It is reported that Xupu County Ge Zhu Ping Shan Village, because of its special geographical environment and climate characteristics, frequent lightning accidents, is well known "lightning village". Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council has made special instructions to call for the prevention and control of the mountain village as a livelihood project to ensure that the risk of lightning in the mountain village is lower than the international standard allowable value. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the mountain village lightning disaster prevention and control of people's livelihood projects, Hunan Province several times to organize expert and technical personnel rushed to the mountain back village field exploration, technical demonstration, and the preparation of the "Xupu County Ge Zhu Ping Shan Village Lightning disaster prevention construction project overall design program ".

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July.17, 2017