Wuhan implement lightning detection technology specification of subway in July

July 7, Lightning Protection Center of Hubei Province, announced that prepared by the Centre, the Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision approved the "urban rail transit lightning protection device detects technical specifications" (hereinafter referred to as the "Code") formally promulgated and implemented. "Norms" introduced, will provide more security and protection of the public by the normal operation of rail transport facilities.

Currently, subway, light rail has become one of the main means of transport in Wuhan citizens to travel, and once lightning accident, which is dangerous. Accordingly, the center of the provincial lightning detection and lightning combined with the existing line of inspection work, considering the state of the metro traffic, unfavorable factors and other conditions, multi collect expert opinion, prepared by the development of the "urban rail transit lightning protection device detects technical specifications."

"Norms" clearly the rail facilities lightning detection requirements, designated a building (structure) building, room, power supply systems, communication systems, such as testing body, and made a stop-frequency method to detect lightning, screen door insulation resistance testing and other technical guidance.

According to the provincial Lightning center experts, the "norm" is the second portion of the rail transportation Lightning Detection local standards, Wuhan rail transit and the country has the first meaning lightning detection.

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July. 13,2015