Why is my home repeatedly struck by lightning?

Mr. Lian, Fengan Village, Qianhuang Town, Quangang District: Thunderstorms occurred recently, and a huge spherical thunder quickly passed through my house, causing all electrical appliances in the house to be damaged. A similar incident happened in my house before. Is my terrain special? Is there any way to avoid lightning?
Mr. Chen from the Lightning Protection Center of Quanzhou Meteorological Bureau replied: It depends on whether there are metal structures or high-voltage lines or other objects around the location of the lightning struck building. If the building does not have perfect lightning protection measures, which aspect is easy to be struck by lightning, the specific situation can only be formulated specifically after the site survey. For spherical thunder, there are no complete protective measures in the world. When residents are at home, they should try to keep their doors and windows tightly closed during thunderstorms; when the spherical thunder strikes, sit still and do not run randomly, otherwise the spherical thunder will easily follow people. The rising wind went away.

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May. 18, 2020