Vishay launch dedicated to wireless Modem new pulse capacitors

Adopt 7.5 mm x 6.3 mm M appearance of new fund 592W solid tantalum capacitor voltage for the first time in patch 10V realize 750 u F let values

Pennsylvania, MALVERN - 2010, December 8 - recently, Intertechnology Vishay, Inc. (NYSE stock code: VSH) announced that launch new series of solid tantalum capacitor - 592W patch. Stable, durable 592W capacitor specific to wireless modem work mode and the design of the pulse in 6.3 V ~ 10V voltage range, has 3.3 u F ~ 22 u F high let value, three kinds of external dimension height is 1.6 mm and 2.0 mm.

Published today in various temperature, capacitor voltage pulse repetition intervals and conditions all has the stable electrical properties. Can be used in wireless modem, solid-state drives and mobile stereo audio, as the large capacity dc capacitor used.

592W capacitor adopts small size C (
7.1 mm x 3.2 mm), M (7.5 mm x 6.3 mm) and x (14.5 mm x 7.37 mm) appearance coding, was the first of its kind in M appearance in 10V with 750 u F let value of such devices. With small lesion and high value, let 592W series can reduce components number and save PCB space.

Capacitor after the surge current test, accord with RoHS norms, can be in -
55 ~ + 125 (voltage drop the forehead) temperature range work, standard of incribed value tolerance for + 20%.

592W series capacitor can now offer samples, and has realized mass-production, bulk order for the supply of cycle eight thoughtful ten weeks.

VISHAY profile

Intertechnology Vishay, Inc. Is listed on the New York stock exchange (VSH) "fortune 1,000 strong enterprises", is a global division semiconductor (diode, MOSFET and infrared electric parts) and passive electronic components (resistor, capacitor, inductor, one of the biggest manufacturers). These components can be widely used in industry, calculation, automotive, consumer, telecom, military, aviation, power supply and the medical market in almost all types of electronic devices and equipment. Relying on product innovation, successful acquisition strategy, and the "one-stop" service make Vishay become world industry leader.