usage of lightning over-voltage over current

usage of lightning over-voltage over current 

( 1 ) invaded from the power supply line ; high-voltage power lines after the attack was direct lightning strike , after a transformer coupled to each of the low-pressure 0.38KV / 0.22KV line is transferred to the building of each low-voltage electrical equipment ; other low-voltage lines may also be direct lightning strike hit or lightning overvoltage. According to the survey , the low-voltage lines induced lightning overvoltage average of up to 10KV, can Jihuai variety of electrical equipment, especially electronic equipment .

( 2 ) invasion by computer communications can be divided into three cases:

① when surface protrusion was direct lightning strike hit , the strong thunder soil near breakdown voltage , lightning current direct invasion to the cable jacket , and then puncture the skin, so that the high-pressure line intrusion .
② When Thundercloud discharge on the ground , the line on the KV induced overvoltage Jihuai electrical equipment connected to the line , invade the communication line through the device connection. This invasion spread along communication lines , covers a wide range of great harm .
③ If a multi-conductor cable through the wires connecting different sources or multiple parallel cable laying , when a wire is struck by lightning , in the adjacent wire induced over-voltage , low-voltage electronic devices Jihuai .

( 3 ) to counter potential voltage by grounding the invasion , lightning current through the vent deflectors and grounding into the earth , in the vicinity of the radiation type grounding potential distribution , if any other grounding connection of electronic devices close, which produce high pressure to counter potential invasion voltage up to tens of thousands of volts.

Thus, for all electrical equipment in the building anti-lightning protection design is essential , the design is reasonable or not , for the safe use and operation of electrical equipment has a vital role .

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