United States GE and China will be a joint venture and share aircraft engine technology

According to foreign media reports, the world's most diverse service company General Electric GE has the scheme to sign joint venture agreement with China on their local time January 21, the chinese president hu jintao visits the united states. The company general electric, will share in aircraft engine and other its sophisticated technology with China.

According to the American New York Times news on january 17, after General Electric company set up joint ventures with Chinese state-owned enterprises, will share its technical content of the highest plane of electronic equipment, including one called "the phantom of the Boeing plane 787 part of the top.

Report comments that for GE, the agreement signed is a good opportunity for further development of the Chinese market because the China airlines purchased is a Boeing and Airbus company. But the general practice of sharing of technology has risk, because China could accelerate the development of arms. Last week, the invisible an opportunity to brief -20 continue, has aroused extensive concern in the international community.