Thunderstorms often occur at the turn of spring and summer or on hot summer days. When the stratification in the atmosphere is unstable, strong convection is easy to occur. When the potential difference between the clouds and the clouds and the ground reaches a certain level, discharge will occur. Sometimes thunder Loud and dazzling lightnings cut through the sky, often accompanied by strong winds, gusts of rain or hail. Thunderstorms are always associated with the development of strong cumulonimbus clouds. In weather forecasting, people often say that strong convection weather such as thunderstorms and winds refers to thunderstorms accompanied by strong winds or hail.
Due to the occurrence and development of thunderstorms and cumulonimbus clouds, from the appearance to the disappearance of thunderstorm clouds, it has a strong locality and suddenness. The horizontal range is only a few kilometers or dozens of kilometers, and it is only on the time scale. There are 2-3 hours, so this small and medium-scale weather system has some difficulties in forecasting.
Severe thunderstorms are a kind of catastrophic weather. Lightning and lightning can cause fire and fire danger. High winds can knock down houses, pull up trees, fruits, vegetables, and other crops. They are severely damaged after hail attacks. Debris flow and other geological disasters.

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Feb. 03, 2020