The network cable must be unplugged when thunder.

A thunderstorm will hurt your computer.
Most people think that as long as the computer is turned off, the computer will not be struck by lightning. In fact, lightning can still burn the network card, power supply or motherboard through the network cable and power socket. If you use a computer to surf the Internet during a lightning strike, the loss of the computer will be even greater.
The maintenance personnel explained that if lightning strikes a remote power line or telephone line, the current will flow into the room along the line, so an internal lightning protection device is required, that is, shielding, grounding and lightning arrester installation. Without these devices, it is useless to shut down during a thunderstorm, and you have to unplug it.
  "In thunderstorms, try not to plug in the computer or the cat’s power. You must do this after you go online to prevent people from being near the computer and unable to disconnect during the thunderstorm."

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Aug.31, 2020