The lightning protection measures should be mastered

Meteorological experts said that in the event of lightning, do not panic and take correct lightning protection measures to protect the safety of life and property.
Outdoor lightning protection measures
Specifically, if people are outdoors when thunder and lightning occurs, they should hide in a sheltered safe place as soon as possible, and stay away from exposed water pipes, gas pipes and other metal objects and electrical facilities. If your clothes get wet, don't get close to damp walls, metal poles, or enter isolated sheds, sentry boxes, etc. in an open outdoor area. Do not stand under big trees, high towers, or billboards to hide from the rain. If you have to keep a distance of 3 meters from tree trunks, squat down and keep your legs close. At the same time, try to avoid thunderstorms in open areas. There is really no way. You should minimize the height of your body protruding from the ground. Don't crowd into a few people, and don't touch each other to prevent current conduction. Do not ride bicycles, motorcycles, or drive tractors during thunderstorms, and do not carry metal objects such as hoes on your shoulders. It is best for women to take off metal hairpins and other objects worn on their heads. Outdoor ball games are not suitable for thunderstorms, and it is not suitable to stay on or near the water, and it is not suitable to wash clothes, fish, swim or play by the river.
Indoor lightning protection measures
If people are in the room when lightning occurs, they must pay attention to closing doors and windows to avoid lightning disasters caused by conductive effects caused by high indoor humidity. Try to unplug the electrical equipment's power supply, telephone line, cable TV line, network line and other metal cables that enter and exit the room. Do not use fixed phones and mobile phones. Do not touch the metal water pipes, the upper and lower water pipes connected to the roof, and do not use solar water heaters to shower. Do not go out to collect clothes that are on the iron wire, and do not pull the iron wire used for drying into the room. If you are hiding in the car, you should close the door.

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Aug.17, 2020