The jargon of Lightning protection (五)

The jargon of Lightning protection (五)

1 . Linear Ray
    Discharge between thunderclouds and the earth , is more of a linear form . The lower part is usually negatively charged thunderclouds upper positively charged , negatively charged due to Thundercloud induction , so the ground near a large number of induced positive charge , so that the ground between thunderclouds and the formation of a strong electric field. Thundercloud between the discharge and the same, when the accumulated charge density somewhere great cause ionization of the electric field strength reaches a critical air when triggered lightning lightning line .
    Ray is a linear strip mine , the process happens in lightning horizontal winds blowing lightning channel, several lightning discharge channel to blow apart the naked eye looked lightning channel widened .

2 . Ball lightning
    Referred to as ball lightning . Ball lightning is a color of flaming sphere, orange or red sphere manifests itself in 100 to 300 mm in diameter , sometimes blue , green , yellow or purple, have reached the maximum diameter of 1000 mm ; the existence of ball lightning time hundredth of a second to several minutes , typically between 3 to 5 seconds , the radiated power is less than 200W.
    Deafening sound of an explosion before the ball landed mine from the time the sky , the sound is small , sometimes silent , sometimes sizzling sound only in the process of falling and jumping encounter objects or electrical devices . Objects produce damage in the explosion and produce ozone, nitrogen dioxide or sulfur smell.

3 . Union bead lightning
    A rare lightning , some people think it is a ball of mine components.
    Spatial location of lightning into their cloud lightning occurs , the clouds lightning ( cloud lightning ) , cloud- to-ground lightning ( to flash ) and so on. Where the ground floor is divided into lightning flash , direct lightning strike , lightning is the main object of study .

4 . Spider Lightning
    Especially in dissipating stage spider lightning thunderstorm clouds or layered phases observed rainfall occurs in the vicinity of the cloud base has a wide range of levels of development , multi- channel bifurcated discharge spectacular discharge phenomenon.
   It is called "Spider " because of lightning discharges in clouds below this more general development was slower lightning speed and multi-level form of bifurcation advance development characteristics of each channel is similar to a spider crawling . The naked eye can see very spectacular spider -like lightning , according to the observation experience, this lightning does not often appear. Currently , there is no systematic observation and statistical results . In southern China, more vigorous development of thunderstorm clouds dissipate , who use ordinary camera observed this spider discharge phenomenon.

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