The jargon of Lightning protection (四)

 The jargon of Lightning protection (四)

1. Return loss aR
    Return loss represents the forefront of the wave is reflected in the proportion of protective equipment ( reflection point ) , is a direct measure of the protection device is compatible with the system impedance parameters.

2. Insertion loss aE
    At a given frequency before and after inserting the protector insert voltage ratio. If you do not consider other parameters , reference 50 ohm system frequency .

3. When the discharge current UN
    When nominal voltage UN, non- line-to- ground fault or other external line to continue the current conducting parts.

4. Thunderstorms Day
    More than once a day can hear thunder called a thunderstorm .

5. Direct lightning strike
    Direct lightning strike on a building , generating electrical effects , thermal and mechanical forces were .

6. Lightning
    When the lightning discharge , electrostatic induction and electromagnetic induction in the vicinity of conductors , it may generate sparks between the metal parts .

7. Lightning invasion
    Due to lightning on overhead lines or metal pipes , lightning may invade the house along these lines , endangering personal safety or damage to equipment .

8. Lightning electromagnetic pulse
    As the effects of direct lightning and lightning strikes nearby sources of interference caused . The vast majority are connected by interfering with the conductor , thundering current or partial lightning currents , potential device was struck by lightning increased, and electromagnetic radiation interference.

9. Equipotential bonding
    The separate devices all conductive objects with equipotential bonding conductor or surge protector connected to reduce the potential difference between the lightning current they produce .

10. Sheet lightning
    Discharge between clouds mostly sheet lightning , thunder lightning due to the linear body obscured by clouds , light lightning lit up the upper part of the cloud , lightning presents flaky light.
    Ray flaky little impact on the ground 

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