The jargon of Lightning protection (二)

The jargon of Lightning protection (二)

1 . Lightning impulse current Iimp
Similar to natural lightning characteristics ( peak charge amount and specific energy ) of 10 / 350μs lightning current waveform simulation ; lightning current arresters must be able to discharge such lightning currents several times without damage.

2 . The total discharge current
Multiphase surge protector or a combination of single-phase surge protector of the total pulse current discharge capacity .

3 . UC voltage protection level

Maximum voltage protection in the following tests .

1.2 / 50μs (100%) standard lightning flashover voltage pulse ;

1KV / μs slope flashover voltage ;

Nominal discharge current residual pressure ;

Arrester for power systems , according to DIN VDE0110-1; 1997-04 overpressure classification can be divided into one , two , three, four protection, protection level determines its mounting position ; the level of protection must desire in information systems protection systems and equipment compatibility match.

4 . Interrupt capability ( successor to the current interrupter capability ) If
UC under the RMS can mine their main follow current interrupter , see EDIN VDE0675-6 / A: 1996-03;

5 . Short circuit withstand capability
When connected to a fuse with a higher level , mine can withstand the maximum short-circuit current.
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