The choice of lightning arrester in a Campus (一)

The choice of lightning arrester in a Campus (一)

Dedicated SPD selection principle

1. Power SPD selection
1.1 The maximum continuous operating voltage of choice

SPD maximum continuous operating voltage, is a key parameter related to the lightning 's operational stability . When selecting surge arrester the maximum continuous operating voltage , in addition to compliance with the relevant standards, but also take into account normal fluctuations in the power grid that may occur and may occur with maximum sustained breakdown voltage.

1.2 residual pressure of selection

Simply consider the SPD residual pressure as low as possible , not comprehensive , and easy to be misleading. For varistors arrester, the lower the residual pressure , usually means the maximum continuous operating voltage decreases. So overemphasize residual pressure is needed to pay for reducing the maximum continuous operating voltage , the consequences of return, may be unstable areas in the city , lightning withstand prolonged sustained overvoltage damage.

1.3 In order to select the alarm function to monitor the health of surge protection device

when the SPD is damaged , you should immediately know and timely replacement of damaged lightning protection module . For applications in different environments , can achieve real-time monitoring , you need to select each with audible and visual alarm devices or remote signal alarm device SPD.

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