Test Devices

Test devices helps you to guarantee lightning protection products quality, which including multimeters, varistor testers, impulse discharge current generators, we also can design and produce test devices according to customer's requirements.
Portable Surge Generator
FPT15-I 2500A Portable surge generator is designed for on-site testing of surge protective device and lightning strike counter.
Surge Protective Device Tester - SPD888
Surge Protective Devices Tester, SPD Tester 888 is designed for on-site testing of Surge Protective Devices (SPD) and the SPD’s components.
Metal Oxide varistor (MOV) & gas discharge tube (GDT) tester
Adapt for testing of metal oxide varistor (MOV), zinc oxide varistor surge arrester, metal ceramic diode or gas discharge tube (GDT).
Impulse Current Generator
Impulse current generator 120kA 8/20us, suitable for test surge protection products, metal oxide varistors (MOV), gas discharge tubes (GDT).