Surge protectors for protection of signal systems

FATECH Electronic LTD. surge protectors for signal system are used for protection of information technology systems, and radio frequency systems, we also call signal surge protectors, or coaxial surge protectors. Signal surge protectors have two types, one is with pluggable module, and functional design for DIN rail, another one is regular signal surge protectors, which can give your computer network, telecommunication lines, cable lines and control lines reliable surge protection.
Coding system of signal surge protector:
Water proof PoE surge protector 1000M
water-proof PoE surge protector, IP65, plastic ABS shell, RJ45 interface, 1000M.
DIN Rail RJ45 PoE surge arrester 1000M
PoE surge protector, DIN Rail Flammerble PC+ABS shell, RJ45 interface, 1000M.
DIN Rail RJ45 surge arrester, POE signal surge protector
PoE surge protector, DIN Rail Flammerble PC+ABS shell, RJ45 interface, 100M.
POE surge protector device RJ45
PoE surge protector, Aluminum alloy shell, RJ45 interface, 100M.
surge protector FS-RJ45-6/100
Signal surge protectors transmission rate 100M, alluminum alloy shell, RJ45 interface, 1000M.
rj45 surge protector
FS-RJ45-6/100-8 rj45 surge protectors, 8 lines, transmission rate 100M, are applied to the protection against inductive over voltage, power interference & electrostatic discharge (ESD) for sensitive lines of telecommunications. e.g. computer network equipment, switches, routers, HUBs & MODEMs. FATECH signal surge protectors give your equipment surge protection.
signal surge arrester FS-RJ45-6/1000
Signal surge arresters transmission rate 1000M, alluminum alloy shell, RJ45 interface, 1000M.
Surge Protectors FS-RJ11 for telephone line
RJ11 data surge protectors 2 pairs protected, is applied to the surge protection for telecommunications, e.g. SPC exchangers, twisted pairs of telephone stations, dial-up lines, DDN special line.
Signal Surge Arrester FS-BNC
RF signal surge arresters are applied to the integrated surge protection for the intelligent residential districts & multifunctional supervisory systems. e.g. vidicon powers, matrix controllers, video signals.
camera platform surge protection / video, control, power surge protector
Video, control, power suge protector, used for camera platform surge protection, 220Vac, 10kA; with LED light.