surge protector strip FV05D-APC


- This surge protector strip is applicable for all home and industry electrical appliance & equipment.- This surge protector strip is maintenance-free type, when there is thermal caused by long duration time over-current through the surge protector, the disconnector will operate, and assure safety of surge protector
- The core parts are metal oxide varistor, temperature fuse with high discharge capacity and reliable quality. 
- High current capacity, low residual voltage, fast response time to over-voltage.
- South African type.
Surge Protector Strip FV05D-APC Key Characteristic Parameters:

Rated operating voltage Un 220VAC
Rated operating current   10.00 AM
Nominal discharge current In(8/20μs) 5kA
Max. discharge current Imax(8/20μs) 10kA
Voltage protection level Up ≤ 1000V
Degree of protection   IP20
EMI/RFI fliter   15K-20MHZ/4-40dB
Short circuit/overload protection   15A
Rated load power   2500W
Protection mode L-N;L-PE;N-PE   L-N;L-PE;N-PE


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