Surge Protector Outlet FV05D-SPTV


-You may be connected this surge socket to the computer table in a pile of equipment, such as printers, monitors, scanners, speakers and so on.
-With USB Ecostrip. Usually, users need to shot down the computer after each of these facilities shut down the power. USB Ecostrip is a USB socket control the power switch, through the computer’s USB port to control the outlet of the switch.
-When the test socket to the computer start-up, power outlets open automatically, all connected to the surge protector outlet of the equipment will open, if the computer is shut down power, surge socket will be closed.
Surge protector outlet FV05D-SPTV application:

Surge protector outlet FV05D-SPTV working conditions:

1. the ambient temperature: -15℃ - 5015℃
2. supply voltage: 220V – 250v
3. Max. load current: 10A
4. static power consumption: less than 0.5W (not-to-load, rated voltage under Energy Meter measurement points)
5.load off the extension delivery time: 0 S±0.5 S


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