Surge Protective Device Tester - SPD888

Item No: SPD888
SPD Tester 888 is designed for on-site testing of Surge Protective Devices (SPD) and the SPD’s components;
This simple operation allows to measure a wide test range of the Nominal Voltage and Leakage Current.
Users can determine the status of these components according to the tester readings through an easy-to-read LCD display.

Product Description

SPD tester SPD888 user's instruction video, please click here

1. Introduction

FPT18-I series intelligent lightning protection component tester is used to measure the performance parameters of various metal oxide varistors (MOV) and Gas discharge tubes (GDT).

The tester has high-voltage short-circuit protection, over-current protection, high-voltage presetting, range adjustment, self-inspection function, measurement range of spark voltage U1mA: 0~2000V, measurement range of leakage current: 0~ 499.9μa, good repeatability. It also has the function of setting up qualified range and judging and screening qualified products. Widely used in lightning protection component, surge protector and other over voltage protection components performance parameters test.
The instrument adopts finger touch color screen, direct function, one-button measurement, easy and fast operation, with excellent test stability and anti-interference ability. At the same time, the meter is build in a large capacity rechargeable lithium battery, and with data storage, qualified judgment, automatic shutdown, USB data upload and other functions.
FPT18-I series lightning components tester has shockproof, dustproof, moisture-proof structure, the whole machine is beautiful and durable, adapt to bad working environment. It is the commonly used necessary instruments in the lightning protection, power, communication, electromechanical installation and maintenance, lightning protection components manufacturers, and industrial enterprise departments.

2. Parameters