South African lightning protection armored vehicles help China Overseas peacekeeping

According to a report on the German "Defense Expert" website, the South African MLS company, which was established last year, said that the company has reached an agreement with a Chinese company to produce 11 lightning-proof armored vehicles and transfer technology. According to the report, there is a saying that the Chinese military has 8,500 main battle tanks, 1,000 infantry fighting vehicles, and 3,500 armoured personnel carriers, but most of these vehicles lack lightning protection capabilities. The head of MLS has speculated that China may need a large number of lightning protection armored vehicles to meet internal needs or to perform international peacekeeping missions. The person in charge of MLS said that the company has had many contacts with the Chinese side and changed the relevant design at the request of the Chinese side. At present, such lightning protection armored vehicles have been finalized. According to reports, MLS has already built nine lightning protection armored vehicles at its South African plant, and the Chinese company will manufacture more than 289 identical vehicles after being authorized. Some analysts say that the Western military forces currently deployed in Afghanistan are competing to purchase lightning-proof armored vehicles to deal with the magical roadside bombs and rocket-propelled grenades in the hands of militants. Although the Chinese military has nothing to do with the war in Afghanistan, the expanding overseas peacekeeping missions still pose certain risks to Chinese peacekeeping officers and men. Therefore, the Chinese military does have the actual needs of equipped with lightning protection armored vehicles. South Africa has been quite successful in lightning-protected armored vehicles and has accumulated some practical experience. Cooperation with it is a shortcut.

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Sept.23, 2019