Signal Surge Protector FS-DR


- Din rail signal surge arresters are applied to control signal double wire circuit in LPZ0 to LPZ3, e.g. 4~20mA circuit, RS485 circuit, RS422 circuit, gas detector, car-park system, CCTV remote monitor, remote control circuits.
- Common and difference surge protection mode, excellent performance.
- The pluggable module allows a fast replacement in case of fail.
- The grounding is realized through an earthing-clip on the DIN-Rail and / or earthing – clamp.
- No limiting in operating current due to parallel connecting method.
- Mounting on 35mm Rail, small space.
1.Dimension and circuit diagram of signal surge protector FS-DR

2.Electrical parameters of signal surge protector FS-DR

Model No. FS-DR-5/1.6 FS-DR-12/2.9 FS-DR-15/4.1 FS-DR-24/5.6 FS-DR-30/7.0 FS-DR-48/9.3 FS-DR-60/10.0
Rated Voltage UN 5V 12V 15V 24V 30V 48V 60V
Max. cont. operating DC voltage Uc 6.0V 14.5V 17.8V 26.8V 34.8V 55.1V 70.1V
Max. cont. operating AC voltage Uc 4.2V 10.2V 12.5V 18.9V 24.5V 38.9V 49.0V
Rated Current IL 0.5A 0.5A 0.5A 0.5A 0.5A 0.5A 0.5A
C2 Total line nominal discharge current(8/20μs) In 10KA 10KA 10KA 10KA 10KA 10KA 10KA
C2 Each line nominal discharge current (8/20μs)In 10KA 10KA 10KA 10KA 10KA 10KA 10KA
Voltage protection level L/L(limp D1) Up ≤50V ≤70V ≤85V ≤100V ≤130V ≤200V ≤240V
Voltage protection level L/PE (limp D1) Up ≤45V ≤60V ≤70V ≤80V ≤80V ≤120V ≤150V
Each line series resistance 1 Ohm 1.5 Ohm 1.8 Ohm 1.8 Ohm 1.8 Ohm 1.8 Ohm 1.8 Ohm
Band width L/L fG 1.6 MHz 2.9 MHz 4.1 MHz 5.6 MHz 7.0 MHz 9.3 MHz 10.0 MHz
Capacitance L/L C ≤3nF ≤1nF ≤0.9nF ≤0.7nF ≤0.6nF ≤0.3nF ≤0.3nF
Capacitance L/PE C ≤5nF ≤2nF ≤1.8nF ≤1.3nF ≤1.1nF ≤0.6nF ≤0.6nF
Working temperature range -40℃~+80℃
Installation 35mm DIN Rail
Color Yellow or Gray
Testing standard IEC 61643-21:2000


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